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Michael Weiss
Chief Strategy Officer

Michael Weiss is the Chief Strategy Officer at ABL Aviation. In this role, he guides the company’s strategic direction and drives growth initiatives. With over 30 years of experience in aviation banking and aircraft leasing sectors, Michael brings valuable insights to his role.

Michael began his aviation career with the Swiss Bank Corporation in the early 1990s, and he later worked for the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group in London and Singapore. During his tenure, he was crucial in expanding the bank’s aircraft finance activities, especially in India, China, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In 2002, Michael joined Investec Bank PLC as the Head of Aircraft Finance, where he was instrumental in shaping the bank’s strategy by establishing dedicated funds for aircraft-related investments. Under his leadership, Investec Bank became a well-known provider of structured financing solutions and operating leases to African airlines.

His career also includes serving as the Head of Aircraft Trading at SMBC Aviation Capital in 2014, where his team entered new markets and expanded its footprint in Asia, particularly Japan. They sold about 275 aircraft for approximately $7 billion. From 2017 to 2021, Michael held a directorship position at ISTAT, a leading not-for-profit trade association, further highlighting his active involvement and influence in the aviation industry.

Michael holds a BSc in Aeronautical Engineering from Manchester University, which provides a strong technical foundation for his extensive industry knowledge.

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