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ABL Aviation Closes the First E-delivery of an A320neo for Pegasus Airlines

ABL Aviation has delivered the first ever aircraft remotely to improve efficiency of the traditional delivery process, being one more time at the forefront of innovation as an independent global asset manager. In addition, ABL Aviation acted as global equity and debt arranger for the first ever JOLCO funded with ACG guaranteed debt.

Using this structure, Pegasus Hava Taşımacılığı A.Ş. (“Pegasus Airlines”), financed a brand new A321neo that delivered on 9th April 2020.

ABL Aviation is a global fully independent asset management company with five offices around the world in Dublin, Casablanca, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai, and an established track record of sourcing and managing quality aviation investments for its investors with no conflict of interest.

In line with ABL Aviation’s objective of improving efficiency in the industry, this was the first aircraft ever delivered fully remotely from a manufacturer production line.

Tamer Yuzuak, Senior Vice President, Finance and Fleet Management at Pegasus Airlines, proudly stated “Airbus have confirmed that this was the first ever aircraft to be delivered from the production line fully remotely. We are very proud that Pegasus Airlines was involved with ABL Aviation in this innovative delivery during these challenging times.”

This transaction follows ABL Aviation’s innovative structuring of the first AFIC JOLCO last year.

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