ABL Aviation’s innovative finance structures provide investors with new sources of capital at lower costs. In doing so, we are able to provide airlines with unrivaled sources of capital in flexible structures while minimizing residual value risks. Furthermore, we provide access to aircraft and airline management firms.

Financial Engineering

ABL Aviation provides an overview of the financial products available and analyzes various options in relation to equipment financing structures including the following activities:

  • debt structuring (senior and mezzanine funding)
  • sale and lease-back analysis and implementation
  • shariah compliant (Sukuk, Ijarah thumma al bai’ and Ijarah wal iqtina)
  • tax leasing structuring
  • offset, tripartite and cooperation agreement management

ABL Aviation plans and implements the optimum finance structure within the commercial, financial and tax constraints of the proposed transaction. Over the past few years, the ABL Aviation team has successfully assisted in setting up several separate aircraft ownership structures.